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The Original Titan

Hazel Marshall

Hazel Marshall was born to a sharecropper family in Blue Ribbon, Oklahoma in 1928. Growing up in a large family during those economically turbulent times, Hazel’s tenacity was born.

It’s been said about her early years that Hazel could “out shoot, out ride and out fight any man in Carter County.” She graduated as valedictorian of her high school class at 18 years old and promptly boarded a bus to Houston, TX to begin her new life. Accepting the status quo was simply never part of Hazel’s personal vision. 

Fast forwarding to 1977, Hazel Marshall was a divorced, single mother with little to her name living in Dallas, TX. While these less-than-ideal circumstances would have been the breaking point for many, for Hazel, they only strengthened her determination and grit. After borrowing enough money to purchase a used one-ton Chevy truck, Hazel started her own trucking company. She was the sole employee, generating customers by flipping through the yellow pages to cold call prospects, then personally loading their freight and delivering each shipment - she even once drove all the way to New York and back by herself for a client!

Working 16+ hour days, and running the business out of a small apartment, Hazel’s reputation for doing anything possible for her customers’ delight and treating her drivers like family earned her company some pretty impressive accounts.

“My grandmother was not the typical entrepreneur for that time. In the 1970’s, in Texas, as a single woman in the freight business, starting up a company from scratch - that is probably not a story you’re going to hear very often,” says Dustin Marshall, Hazel’s grandson and current owner and CEO of Hazel’s Expedite Freight.

46 years later, what was once called Hazel’s Hot Shot has now become Hazel’s Expedited Freight, and has developed into one of, if not the, largest and most trusted expedite freight companies in the state of Texas. Hazel Marshall’s work ethic and commitment to her customers have remained pillars of the company since its inception. Hazel was quoted as saying, “If I’d have known it was going to get so damn big, I’d have named it something better than Hazel’s Hot Shot.” Hazel was the ORIGINAL Titan, demonstrating the dedication, professionalism, creativity, and ingenuity that Titan Logistics is proud to embody today in her honor.