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Unleash the Titans

You’ve found THE team of Titans in the freight and logistics industry.


  • Moving business in addition to freight 
  • Architecting a solution that sets you up for near-term and long-term success
  • Asking the hard questions
  • Constructively interrupting processes so you avoid complacency

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, you need a logistics leader that focuses on creative solutions and delivers real results.

Titan Logistics provides just that: data-driven, analysis-based solutions specified to your business needs. Modern technology and savvy people is what powers Titan.


The Original Titan

Hazel Marshall, the Original Titan, laid the foundation for Hazel’s Expedited Freight, and in turn, Titan Logistics. Hazel never let a tough situation stop her, she was only made stronger by adversity, and she did anything to provide quality service to her customers… now you see where we get it from!

To learn more about the fierce, determined entrepreneur who still inspires and shapes Titan Logistics today, click here.

Today’s Titans

  • Titan Leadership Team

Ready to Run?

Let’s see what’s possible. 

14841 Dallas Parkway, Suite 525, Dallas, TX